Our History

The adventure of the Brasserie de Sainte Mère Église began in 2014.

Owner of the Ste Mère Église campsite, we have started making the first 3 recipes, the 3 pin-ups in the back room of the campsite entrance with a small 100l picobrewery.

After many fittings, successes and disappointments, the brewery was born.

First, it was a side activity, because we had a campsite, the idea of ​​brewing campsite beer had been close to our hearts for a long time.

After obtaining a University Diploma in brewing from the University of La Rochelle in 2016, we changed equipment to have a 300l brewing unit, made with reconditioned milk tanks. That’s where we created Utah Beer, and Lily Marlene.

Finally in 2018, we had to make a choice, and our growing interest in the craft brewery world, we decided to change our life and to sell the camping.

We have devoted ourselves completely to this by welcoming a new brewing unit in 2018, of 10hl. To date, we have developed 9 different recipes, which we mainly sell in short circuits in Manche and Calvados, to Restaurants, bars and grocery stores. And finally we opened a store in town, at Sainte Mère Église in 2019.